What Are the Advantages of Cedar Shakes and Shingles?

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to replace your existing roof, choosing new shingles can be a daunting task. Many different options are available, each with its characteristics and benefits. One of the most popular and exciting options to pick is cedar shakes and shingles.

Cedar shingles are a unique offering in the world of roofing. They come with benefits that may convince you to swap your roof for a completely different material.

cedar roof
close up of cedar roof

What are cedar shakes and shingles?

Cedar shakes and shingles are made from cedar wood, giving them unique properties that make them ideally suited as a roofing material. While there is no perfect roofing material, cedar is one of the most effective forms of roofing due to its many benefits over a few disadvantages.

Cons of cedar roofs

Let’s start with the cons because there are so few. Firstly, regular maintenance is required to keep your cedar shakes and shingles looking fantastic. Since they are wood, you will need to maintain them now and then to keep them looking great while protecting their structural integrity.

And secondly, the cost of cedar shakes and shingles is much higher than that of common roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are a low-cost, low-maintenance roofing material. Alternatively, they contrast with the high-maintenance and high cost of cedar shingles. However, suppose you’re replacing your roof or looking to build a home from scratch. In that case, cedar shingles can offer huge benefits that make it well worth the investment.

Pros of cedar roofs

Now let’s look at the pros that make cedar roofs worth their cost.

  • Cedar is a natural deterrent to rot and certain insects and helps keep your roof looking great while keeping pests away. You don’t need to apply an extra coating; cedar does it all naturally.
  • Cedar doesn’t warp due to moisture like some types of wood, which makes it incredibly effective at protecting your home from rain and storms. This natural feature ensures that the cedar shingles last a long time.
  • Cedar is highly resistant to temperature changes and weather and helps protect your home from the elements. The shingles and shakes will survive all seasons with little trouble.
  • Cedar shakes and shingles last a very long time. While they might not be as durable as some materials, such as rubber and metal, they can easily last a decade more than typical asphalt shingles.
  • Cedar shakes and shingles look fantastic. The lighter hue can help your home stand out, and the unique wood grains give your home a stylish look that doesn’t come with materials like asphalt.
  • Cedar is a fantastic insulator compared to other roofing materials. It helps to keep the warmth inside of your home, which is essential when combating cold Canadian winters.
  • Cedar is also great at retaining its structural integrity, thanks to the minimal shrinkage that cedar faces over the years, making it a reliable roofing material choice.
  • Cedar is a natural material, meaning your home will be more eco-friendly than if you used another type of shingle.


As you can see, a cedar roof has plenty of advantages. They’re durable, deter pests, are aesthetically appealing, and can help make your home more energy efficient.

How much maintenance do cedar shakes & shingles require?

The high maintenance of a cedar roof is one of the downsides we listed. Below we clarify how much care you can expect to perform on cedar shakes and shingles.

For starters, it’s worth remembering that all roofs need some maintenance. Whether it’s cedar, metal, asphalt, or even rubber, you must look after your roof to prevent issues like mould growth. Thankfully, cedar shakes and shingles can last long, so their longevity depends on maintenance and weather conditions.

Suppose you’re concerned about the maintenance required for your cedar roof. In that case, you can always contact experts such as Dwight’s Roofing to help you both look after your cedar roof and install it to your standards. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more.