Top 3 Complaints About Roofing Contractors in Edmonton

The difference between a poor roofing contractor and an excellent roofing contractor can make all the difference for Edmonton homeowners.

Roofing Contractors in Edmonton have a difficult job. Roofers work outdoors and are exposed to the elements in a potentially hazardous work environment during a short summer season.

This guide will give you a brief overview of the three main issues you could run into with your roofing contractor.

  1. Time Delays
  2. Cost Overruns
  3. Roofing Quality Issues

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Roofing Contractor top Complaints
1. Time Delays

Even everyday service businesses run into time delays. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and found they were out of milk? Roofers have various issues that can cause time delays and significantly impact homeowners. Here are a few of the most common.

  • Poor weather keeps the tradespeople from working. Rain, snow, extreme heat, poor air quality, wind, or hail could all easily keep them from your roof.

  • Staffing concerns are one of the most common issues for Edmonton Roofing Contractors. Often there are not enough qualified, experienced, and reliable roofers in the city. Roofers are always recruiting skilled workers.

  • Bad scheduling or taking on too much work is a familiar issue for many service-based businesses. With such a short season, roofers often try to take on too much work and end up behind schedule. Poor planning can cause significant delays for all their jobs.

  • Materials shortage has become more familiar in recent years. Delays in material shipments can throw timelines off for unprepared businesses.

2. Cost Overruns

A quality roofing contractor has skilled estimators that can be counted upon to give accurate estimates to Edmonton homeowners. On the other side of that coin, a poor estimate can easily have cost overruns which will darken anyone’s day.

The main types of estimating errors come from the following:

Omissions: These are items accidentally left out of the estimate – soft costs (permits, fees, etc.) or hard construction costs. Omissions may be due to items missing from the plans and specs not included in the estimate and bid.

Wrong assumptions: These items you assumed were covered under a contractor’s bid but are not. Or you may have assumed that a standard ventilation system would be approved, but a $1,000 specialized part is required.

Inadequate allowances: You may get an estimate from a roofing contractor with a material allowance that is too low, a widespread problem. The wrong shingles can also be quoted and may not work for your structure.

Price changes: Material or labour costs may rise between the estimate and the project.

Novel materials/techniques: Every new material or building technique has a learning curve. Even allowing a little extra time, you may find that it takes a lot longer than planned.

Homeowners should protect themselves with guaranteed quotes from reputable roofers in Edmonton. The danger of dealing with a fly-by-night company is just too great for something as important as your home.

3. Roofing Quality Issues

Roofing Systems are integral to your home’s ability to withstand the elements. Nothing is worse than finding a leak in your roof during a storm.  Exceptional roofing companies do high-quality work every time and give homeowners the peace of mind of knowing their roofing system will stand the test of time.

Here is a quick list of the most common roofing quality issues:



One of the most common and essential roof issues many homeowners face is leakage. Standing water will eventually allow moisture to soak into the house and lead to mould and rot, weakening your property’s structural integrity. For any potential leakage, professionals from Edmonton roofing companies check your vents, pipes, chimneys, gutters, and damaged shingles.


Shrinking materials

Temperature fluctuations can cause your structure to expand or contract. This change in structure can displace your roof’s essential components, leading to cracking, wrapping, and aged materials. Cracked and wrapped roofing materials could diminish your home’s energy efficiency.


Damaged shingles

Damaged roof shingles often have two primary sources.  Dead, diseased or dying trees around your property are one of the biggest. A large tree or small branches can damage shingles. The other significant source of shingle damage is extreme weather conditions. High winds or hail often cause shingles to lose their integrity and need to be replaced. In 2021 there was a massive windstorm in Edmonton that significantly damaged shingles.

Top 3 Complaints About Roofing Contractors

Poor or Faulty Installation

Like shoddy repair work, many professional roofing contractors not qualified for the roofing industry may see the opportunity to make some quick money. Poor or faulty installation can take years to show problems, but once it starts to cause issues, it will be too late for a quick fix.



When making roofs last, roof and attic ventilation play a vital role. Proper ventilation regulates temperature and moisture levels in the attic. If left unattended, heat and moisture can build up, causing damage to the sheathing, shingles, insulation, and rising energy costs. It also leads to mould and mildew, creating an even bigger, more costly problem.


If you are looking to hire a roofing contractor in Edmonton, make sure that the company has excellent reviews from their previous clients. The last thing you need is problems with the roof of your home.

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