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Custom Skylights in Edmonton

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Skylights are the best way to add natural lighting to your home as well as providing an even distribution of natural light throughout your home.  Skylights provide substantially more natural light than conventional windows because they are never totally in the shade!  Natural light makes us all feel better than artificial light and is crucial to our wellbeing.  At Dwight’s Roofing, we take pride in our custom skylights.  You will love our results.

For over 30 years, Dwight’s Roofing has been your most reliable choice for custom skylights in Edmonton.  Contact us for your free estimate.

Beautiful Edmonton Home Skylights

Dwight’s Roofing takes a dedicated approach to building long-lasting, durable, and attractive skylights.  We create an insulated custom curb to prevent the elements from entering your home.  We keep your home safe, waterproof, and efficient.  After creating the custom curb or damn, we custom fit a skylight dome to the top.  The dome is made of the top materials and is entirely up to the homeowner’s choice of aesthetics. 

Benefits of Skylights:

  • Allows more natural light into your home
  • Improved ventilation by opening the skylight when weather permits
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Health benefits of natural light vs. artificial light
  • Increased energy efficiency during cold months due to natural sunlights heat
  • Aesthetic appeal

Skylights are a great addition that will cheer up your home.  Natural light just makes sense!

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