Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing in Edmonton

Are you considering having to replace or repair your roof?

Dwight’s Roofing specializes in installing rubber roofing for residential homes. This durable material will withstand the harshest weather conditions and looks great too!

Rubber roofing is highly energy efficient and requires less maintenance than cedar roofs. On average, a rubber roof can last up to 50 years! At Dwight’s Roofing, we guarantee quality service at an affordable price so you can enjoy peace of mind regarding your home’s condition.

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Why Choose Rubber Roofing?

At Dwight’s Roofing, we provide more than just quality roof protection – the rubber roofing products we use are designed to help reduce the amount of unused materials in landfills too! With up to 95% recycled material used to craft each product and a variety of slate or shake profiles available for customization options, you can have a great-looking home that remains strong against harsh elements like hail and snow. Talk with us today about getting started on your new project with expert installation services and hassle-free quotes – do something good for your wallet and the environment by investing in sustainable roofs made from rubber!

Advantages of Rubber Roofing:

    Rubber Roofing Options

    Older residential home with rubber shingles

    Euroshield Beaumont Shake

    When you choose Beaumont Shake for your project, you can have the timeless elegance of real wood without sacrificing great style. Mimicking natural hand-split cedar with its vertical grooves and rich grain pattern offers rustic charm to perfectly set off any architectural details. At the same time, shadow lines provide an effortless sophistication as well. Perfectly balanced between rugged beauty and refined subtlety – it’s no wonder this is a favourite look!

    Residential home with black and modern roof shingles

    Euroshield Vermont Slate

    Unlock the timeless beauty of slate roofing without breaking the bank. Our most advanced and realistic slate-style material is reliable, lightweight for easy transport/installation, and won’t shatter like natural stone. Enjoy all these features with Aesthetic Protection – an affordable alternative to a traditional upgrade!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are some advantages of rubber roofing?

    Rubber roofing systems offer the perfect blend of style and practicality. They are eco-friendly, using 95% recycled materials, and resilient against harsh weather conditions like hailstorms, not to mention they have a low overall cost! With stylish options in various colours – you can make your dream home look just how you want it without compromising on quality.

    Are rubber roofs an inexpensive option?

    Rubber roofing can be wise considering the long-term value and yearly cost. Its high initial expense may make it seem less attractive than other options, such as asphalt shingle roofs; however, its enhanced protection from weather damage and increased durability more than justify the higher prices.

    What can happen to the roofing colour over time?

    Our rubber roofing has features that set it apart from other natural or synthetic materials on the market. Its advanced carbon black technology creates high resistance against UV rays, ensuring a warm and richly patinated hue over time instead of fading as its competitors do.