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Dwight’s Roofing is a trusted company in Edmonton. Each of our highly skilled tradespeople has years of experience. Homeowners know we specialize in durable, high-quality Roofing. Whether you need a roofing contractor to fix a leaky roof or replace the roof of your home, we are your trusted choice.

All roof types need repair or replacement from time to time. We perform regular maintenance to help prolong the life of your roof. Our periodic roof inspections will help you spot problems before they cause costly damage to your home and require emergency roof repairs. The extent of the problem and the roof’s age are key factors that can help you decide whether to perform roof repairs or completely replace the roof finish.

Are you experiencing issues with your roof? In need of repair? Schedule an appointment with a qualified and insured roofer in Edmonton from Dwight’s Roofing today!

Common Situations Requiring Roof Repairs

Roofing is done with various materials, and depending on age and wear, various repair or maintenance options exist. Here are some common ones:

  • The roof may have localized damage, such as a few missing shingles, widespread damage, or exceed the roof’s life expectancy.

  • The roof may appear to sag in some areas because of insufficient strength or deterioration of framing or sheathing.

  • There may be damage to the roofing material and structure due to the build-up of ice during the winter. Leaks may occur at the flashing during heavy rainfall.

  • Excess moisture in the attic area can lead to the roof structure deterioration.

  • The roofing material may have failed due to poor installation or may not be the proper type for the specific application.

  • High windstorm damage requiring emergency roof repairs

  • Warranty work

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I repair my roof myself?

    We do not recommend you repair your roof unless you are trained, certified, and have the proper equipment to do the job safely and correctly. Not only is it dangerous to try to repair your roof, but if done incorrectly can cause more damage and cost you more in the end. It is essential to hire a trained professional to do any roof work.

    Why do organic asphalt shingles curl or buckle?
    1. Moisture or poor ventilation
    2. Ageing shingles
    3. Inadequate/improper installation
    4. Defective shingles
    5. Hail or other extreme weather damage
    6. Media used is cardboard or paper (organic)
    Will insurance cover my roof repair services?

    Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover repairs to your roof. We recommend that you check your policy for coverage and exclusion details. It is also important to note the cost of your insurance deductible and compare it with the cost of your roof repair. Consider paying out of pocket if the repair cost is less than or close to the deductible cost.

    Save Money by Doing Your Edmonton Roof Repairs Now

    Perform repairs now before a small leak leads to significant damage. Moisture can seep into your insulation, walls, ceilings, electrical outlets, furniture, and belongings. Damage can develop into unhealthy mould for you or damaging rot for your house. There are many strong indications that you require repairs:

    • Cracked or buckling shingles
    • Shingle pieces found around your house
    • Shingle pieces found in your eavestrough

    Most roof repairs happen during the non-winter months for obvious reasons; however, issues still exist over the winter. At Dwight’s Roofing, we will help winterize your roof if repairs cannot get completed until the following season. Roof repair will allow your roof to make it through the winter season with little to no additional damage.