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Do you have damaged or missing shingles?  Is your roof leaking or buckling?   Or is your roof just not working the way you would like it too?  You might need a roof replacement. Our team at Dwight’s Roofing is your answer for roof replacement in Edmonton.  Our Edmonton Roofers are experts at replacing your roof with materials that will withstand the test of time. Our quotes are reasonable, and the quality of our work is superb.   

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    Advantages of Replacing Your Roof

    Re-roofing replaces your current roof with a completely new roof. A new roof gives your home or business the best protection from the elements possible for Edmonton’s harsh seasons. A roof that is aged or has been damaged by the elements can result in leaks. Leaks may go undetected for some time until costly damage has already occurred. Damage can appear in the forms of:

    • Mould growth
    • Rot or rust of structure
    • Damage to possessions
    • Electrical shorts

    Re-roofing your home or business can breathe new life into old structures. There are many benefits to upgrading your existing roof with a new roof:

    • Elimination of any apparent or hidden leaks that your roof may currently be experiencing
    • Update the appearance of your home or business with new colours or styles
    • Increase the value of your residential or commercial building
    • More advanced roofing products and systems help to protect occupants better
    • Save money in the long run by reducing costly repairs

    Our team has been providing top-quality roof replacement services in Edmonton for over 30 years. Call today (780) 461-8995 to request an estimate!

    Edmonton Re-Roofing Experts

    Re-Roofing Your Home Keeps It Protected

    Re-roofing or upgrading your roof will prevent unnecessary damage and will allow you to be secure for many more years to come. Dwight’s Roofing has provided professional commercial and residential re-roofing throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area for over 30 years. Our highly skilled and certified roofing experts will visit your location to assess the condition that your roof and will then recommend the best re-roofing solution. We will happily answer any questions as well as inform you of all your re-roofing requirements.

    Re-Roofing Your Home Keeps it Protected

    There are many solutions that Dwight’s Roofing can implement to repair your roof:

    Felt Underlayment

    Felt Underlayment provides an extra layer of protection. If, by chance, your shingles come off due to high winds, felt will protect the roof deck from moisture damage.


    Elegant appearance with a textured effect and added wind resistance. Extremely durable with a 30- to 50-year warranty.


    Adds natural beauty and hardiness to your roof. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture and decay and contributes to keeping warmth in during winter while keeping excessive heat out during the summer.


    Drip Edge protects roof edge from damage due to ice damming and from water draining in behind the eavestrough.


    Ice and water shield gets applied to eaves and valleys; this peel and stick membrane prevents damage due to ice damming and prevents leaks due to wind-driven rain.


    Economical, reliable roof protection. Available in 25- to 30-year warranties.


    Vents affect the warranty of your roof. Shingle manufacturers are not liable for damage caused by insufficient attic ventilation.

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    Do you have a damaged or old roof in need of repair? Dwight's roofing offers reliable roof replacement services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Contact us today!