What makes a good roofing job?

Positive signs.

Roofing is a skill. Experienced roofers know how to tackle problems and carry out roof repairs and replacements to achieve the best outcomes. Most people don’t have the expertise to determine what a good roofing job looks like. If you have work done on your roof, you may be clueless about what to look for. Here are some positive signs that point to a professional roofing project:


A good roofing job will have a uniform appearance. The surfaces should be even, and everything should be symmetrical and matched in colour and materials. If the roof is uneven or the roofing company has used different materials, this is a red flag.


Installing drip edge flashing on the roof’s edge helps to improve the flow of water and enhance gutter performance. If you inspect your roof and there is no drip edge flashing, this signifies a substandard job.


The flashing material applied to roofs plays a crucial role in protecting your home by preventing leaks. A high-quality roofing job should show proper flashing installation in high-risk roof and chimney areas.


Observing roofing contractors at work and seeing if they use underlayment is beneficial. Underlayment creates an additional barrier to protect the property from excess moisture. Contractors should place this between the sheathing and the roof shingles.

new cedar roof

Signs of a bad roofing job

Nobody wants to waste money on ineffective or incomplete roof repairs or a shoddy replacement job. Unfortunately, some people end up regretting their choice of roofers. Here are some common signs of a bad roofing job:

Uneven Appearance and Lack of Uniformity

When you inspect your roof, you want a clean, smooth surface with no sagging, uneven patches, or sections of different materials. It is not a good sign if the roof is crooked or looks messy.

Dripping Gutters

Gutters channel water away from your property, helping to reduce the risk of leaks and exposure to excess moisture. A good job should ensure that your gutters are functioning well. Dripping signifies that your roofing contractor hasn’t done a high-quality job.

Old Flashing

Flashing materials should be new to enhance durability and longevity. You must ask your roofer if they have replaced your flashing with old materials.

Using the Wrong Nails or the Wrong Nailing Techniques

When fixing or replacing roofs, it’s crucial to use the proper nails and implement effective techniques to secure the roofing materials. If contractors use the wrong nails or methods, this will impact the quality of the job, and it could end up costing you money.

roofer installing new shingles

How to avoid lousy roofing jobs

It’s incredibly frustrating to spend money on a botched job. If you’re looking to avoid lousy roofing jobs, here are some top tips:

Choose a Reliable Local Roofing Company with an Excellent Reputation

The best way to reduce risks is to choose a reliable local roofing firm with an outstanding reputation. Read verified reviews and testimonials online and ask neighbours, colleagues, or friends for recommendations. You can also get advice via local social media groups.

Prioritize Value for Money and Reputation Over Price

Low prices don’t always represent the best deal, especially if you pay a different company to rectify poor-quality work. Try to prioritize value for money and the roofer’s reputation over price. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Get a Complete, Written Quote and Ask About Insurance and Guarantees

Before you commit, get a full, written quote, and ask the company about insurance and guarantees. The work should be guaranteed, and the firm should have the relevant insurance.


As a homeowner, it’s always beneficial to tell the good from the bad when it comes to home repairs and renovations. Signs of a good roofing job include uniformity, symmetry, using high-quality materials and adding new flashing and underlayment. Red flags include uneven roofs, old materials, a lack of uniformity and dripping gutters.

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