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Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance in Edmonton

Wood Shingle Repair Edmonton

Protecting and Preserving Your Valuable Investment

Wood shingle roofs are aesthetically pleasing, and the natural beauty of the cedar shakes brings warmth and elegance to your home.  In this article, you will learn the following regarding your wood shingle repair in Edmonton:

  • Cedar Shake roof maintenance tips
  • Common problems with cedar wood shingles
  • Wood Shingle repair tips

Cedar and wood shingles have increased in popularity in the Edmonton area because of their durability and fantastic curb appeal. There are many options when it comes to wood shingles. Wood shingles require more maintenance than regular asphalt shingles; therefore, before investing in a cedar roof, you want to be sure that you will keep up with regular maintenance and inspections. The life expectancy for your wood shingles depends on many variables, including:

  1. Weather and other environmental factors
  2. The quality of the wood shingles
  3. The experience of the roofer doing your installation
  4. The care and regular maintenance of your roof
Cedar Shingle Maintenance

    Cedar Roofing Shake Maintenance Tips

    Cedar Roofs must breathe, so they must be clear of debris. A cedar roof often gets neglected, resulting in a buildup of moss and debris. We have inspected and cleaned many cedar roofs and often found that some are in good shape and still have life.  In the harsh Alberta climate, cedar roofing requires ongoing maintenance. 

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    Regular maintenance will significantly increase the durability and curb appeal of your investment. 

    Work with your roofer to set up a maintenance plan for your cedar roof.

    Cedar Roof Maintenance Tips Include:

    1. Regularly remove tree debris such as branches and leaves. It would help if you planned to clear your roof every few years of all tree debris and moss buildup
    2. Wood shingles are more susceptible to mould. Therefore, you want to ensure that you do not have water pooling anywhere around your shingles. Make sure to clean your gutters so your hanging shingles do not sit in pooled water and leaves.
    3. Hire professional washers to come to wash your roof every 3-5 years. The extra investment in regular washing will pay for itself by extending the life of your wood shingles.
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    Be Cautious when it comes to power, washing a cedar roof. High-pressure washing can cause damage to any material. Sometimes we can wash the debris off your roof with a garden hose.

    Common Problems with Cedar Wood Shingles

    There are some signs to look for with your cedar roof. Depending on the cedar roof’s age, these signs may not signify that you need a new roof. You should contact a qualified inspector to determine if you need a roof replacement. Common signs of issues with your cedar roofing include:

    1. Severely cupped or curling wood shingles
    2. Tattered or frayed ends that look like they are rotting
    3. Cracked, loose, or broken shingles
    4. Ridge caps may have come loose, or worse, have completely fallen off.

    The quality of the material used during installation and the workmanship considerably impact a cedar roof’s durability. There will be slight curling with high-grade cedar, not much cracking, but maybe some frayed or tattered edges. If the Cedar was of a lower or poor grade, the ridge caps might break and come loose, and some of the shingles may be cupping, rotting, or cracking.

    Wood Shingle Repair Edmonton

    Wood Shingle Repair

    If you have a cedar roof, you may be wondering if your roof needs replacing. A significant benefit of a cedar roof is that sometimes if the roof is not too old, it can be replaced and repaired in parts. Follow these easy steps if you believe your cedar roof needs repair:

    1. Call Edmonton’s cedar roofing expert and schedule an inspection

    2. Our inspector will make recommendations based on their findings. Recommendations can include:

           – Minor repairs and thorough cleaning

           – Larger repairs to some regions of the roof

           – Full replacement

    3. Our inspector will always provide a detailed breakdown of their recommendations and associated costs so you can make the best choice on how to proceed

    Our team prides itself on providing high-quality customer service to all our clients. To find out how we can help you with your cedar roof, call Edmonton’s Cedar Roof Experts at 780-461-8995