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Cedar Roof Care and Maintenance

Cedar Roofs need to breathe, so have to be kept clear of leaves, branches and all debris. Both the surface area and the keyways (areas between the shakes or shingles) need to be clean. Don’t let downspouts drain onto a lower roof surface.  All gutters and downspouts should drain to the ground. Take care when it comes to power washing a cedar roof. High-pressure washing can cause damage to any material. Sometimes the debris of a roof can be easily removed with a garden hose.

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Cedar Roof Repairs

A major benefit of a cedar roof is that it is sometimes possible to replace and repair parts of it, if it isn’t too old. Cedar repairs will eventually weather to the same coloration of the rest of the roof as it matures.

If you have a cedar roof, you may be wondering if your roof needs to be replaced. Or maybe it looks old and you are not sure.  Very often a cedar roof gets neglected; grows moss and holds tree debris in it. When that happens, the cedar roof can look quite bad.  We have inspected and cleaned many cedar roofs at Dwight’s Roofing and often found that some are in good shape and still have life left in them.  The main goal is to take care of your cedar roof with regular maintenance.

Signs of Problems with a Cedar Roof

There are some signs to look for with your cedar roof. Severely cupped or curling shingles or tattered or frayed ends that look like they are rotting. Also, if there are many cracked shingles or shingles are loose or broken. Another sign of wear or old age are that the ridge caps may have come loose, or worse, have completely fallen off.

Depending on the age of the cedar roof, these signs may not signify that you need a new roof. But, all of these together means that you should get a qualified inspection to determine if there is a need for a roof replacement.

If the roof was shingled with a high grade of cedar, there will be very little curling, not much cracking, but maybe a bit of frayed or tattered edges. The ridge caps may have completely fallen off but the roof shingles may still be in good shape. Therefore, some competent maintenance is required and it will bring your cedar roof back for years to come.

If the Cedar was a lower or poor grade, not only may the ridge caps be breaking and coming loose, but some of the shingles may be cupping, rotting or cracking.

This could be the ‘many indicators’ that show a worn-out cedar roof. As the roof ages, it becomes increasingly difficult to repair. Sometimes a person walking on the roof to repair it can cause more damage than they can repair. The roof can also be unsafe, as the shingles can break or fall apart while the person is trying to do repairs.

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