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Dwight Sartison began roofing over 30 years ago, thus bringing a wealth of experience to the roofing industry. He has played a key role in all aspects of the company, including building Dwight’s Roofing from a company of 1 individual to no less than 50. We are insured and bondable, covered by the WCB and all of our roofers receive in-house training to get their certification. We operate in an environmentally-conscious manner, safely disposing of materials and taking refresh courses every year.

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Our Roofers

Our company’s success is based solely upon satisfied customers. Therefore, we employ only skilled, conscientious roofers who practice safety in all they do. We understand the 3-way communication that must exist between the roofer, administration and the homeowner or builder. All of our roofers are trained in specific guidelines of what our customers expect, and we are confident that you will find them to be courteous and highly-skilled in their trade. Call us today to learn more.

Dwight’s Roofing employees are experienced professionals who adhere to strict safety policies and work year-round. We carry a liability insurance policy to ensure that our customers are protected in the case of an accident, and every employee is covered by WCB insurance.

Hiring a company or individual not covered by insurance is a high risk, and you and your insurance company are liable if an accident happens on your property.

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